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About Mikey Ace Studios

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Independent artist and producer Mikey Ace creates original digital entertainment for an audience of millions. He develops mobile game apps and writes and produces songs (pop, rock, EDM), music videos, parodies, remixes, animations, and live-action short films from his studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Mikey Ace’s journey into the digital entertainment universe has taken some surprising turns over the years, and the path ahead is exciting and bright. Join him as the journey continues.

Mikey Ace has lived in…

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Mike's Original Animation Reel

Latest News

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Some of Mike's Music projects


Here is the original song Mike made featuring the voice of viral sensation Sweet Brown (catchphrase: "Ain't nobody got time for that!").
This video has received over 342,000 views on YouTube. 
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Photographs taken by Mikey Ace of his music studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Mike's Artists

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Lauren "Luge" 
  • Mike's sister, YouTuber Luge, has more than 130,000 subscribers and 54 million video views. She posts live pro wrestling commentaries, video gameplay and reviews, vlogs, and more.
  • Mike helps her produce music video parodies and original songs about video games and WWE pro wrestling.
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Venetian Princess
  • New media personality and YouTube star Venetian Princess has nearly 1 million subscribers and 350 million video views.
  • She writes and sings original songs and video parodies.
  • Mike produces, mixes, and masters music for many of her popular songs on YouTube. 

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Maria the Ice Cream Girl
  • Maria the Ice Cream Girl is a Brooklyn sensation, bringing joy to the whole city behind the wheel of her legendary ice cream truck.
  • She is also the author of an eponymous children's book that teaches kids about caring, forgiveness, and the power of community. Look closely: Mikey Ace is a character in the book!



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