Mikey Ace


Game Dev | Music Producer
 2D/3D Artist & Animator 
Unity Certified Professional Artist

Best Multiplayer Game 2021

We won!

At the 2021 Global Game Jam hosted by Playcrafting, the largest jam site in the U.S. (second-largest in the world), my team won the Couch Crew Award for best local multiplayer game! “Farm Fighter” is a 3D competitive farming game created in 3 days by 5 people: David O. (game design & programming), David L. (audio & music), Stephanie (UI design & UI art), Kevan. (UI programming), and me (3D art & animation). Thank you to the GGJ and Playcrafting for hosting this amazing annual event, and thank you to my teammates for a fantastic experience making a fun game! 

A multiplayer

Virtual Reality Game

 that aims to start a conversation. Our game design highlights that mosquitoes are the most fatal animal in the world (killing almost a million people per year) and educates players on prevention methods that can save lives. In the game, you are either a junior NJ mosquito controller whose job is to employ mosquito prevention measures and keep the citizens of New Jersey safe. Or you are a mosquito, hungry for human blood.

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Unity C# Game Developer
Blender 2D/3D artist & Animator

Congrats to my sister Lauren Luge

on 900,000 Subscribers on Youtube!

Play our game Ft. Luge & her dog Boo

in an epic wrestling puzzle game!