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Independent artist and producer Mikey Ace creates original digital entertainment for an audience of millions. He develops mobile game apps and writes and produces songs (pop, rock, hip hop, EDM), music videos, parodies, remixes, animations, and live-action short films from his studio in Brooklyn. 

Mikey Ace’s journey into the digital entertainment universe has taken some surprising turns over the years, and the path ahead is exciting and bright. Join him as the journey continues.

Mikey Ace has lived in Brooklyn all his life and has always been inspired by the energy and rhythms of the city. As a teenager he taught himself to play guitar, and he soon expanded his skills to include drums, keyboards, and vocals. He learned to write and produce his own music and became a one-man band, blending live instruments with digital audio to create electrifying rock and pop songs, both originals and creative remixes of current hits. MTV Newsroom called one of his most popular remixes an "internet gem."

The popularity of video-sharing website YouTube encouraged Mikey Ace to add visuals to his songs. He reaches audiences all around the world with his fun, high-energy music videos.

The quality of his music production drew the attention of YouTube sensation Venetian Princess (she has more than 350 million YouTube views and 800,000 subscribers). She asked Mikey Ace to be her music producer, and they collaborated on many of her popular parodies. Mikey Ace has also produced music and videos for other YouTube artists, including Maria the Ice Cream Girl and Lauren “Luge” of LugeMania. With more than 300 million YouTube views and 700,000 subscribers, Luge is famous for her pro wrestling commentaries and Guinness-world-record-breaking video game talents – and she also happens to be Mikey Ace’s sister.

Always interested in finding new ways to excite viewers, Mikey Ace decided to learn digital 2d & 3d animation. His colorful, eye-catching scenes and characters bring a new and vivid style to his music videos. 

Most recently, the surge in popularity of mobile apps led Mikey Ace to develop his own video game apps, which combine addicting gameplay and great music.

Mikey Ace believes that music and entertainment can do much more than engage the audience’s attention: they can capture the imagination, bring laughter and happiness, spark new ideas, strengthen bonds, and motivate change. Through music, games, and animation, Mikey Ace wants to inspire people around the world to live their dreams every day.

  • Logic Pro X

  • Moho Pro 12

  • Unity Game Engine

  • Blender 3D

  • Photoshop 

  • Premiere Pro 

  • Macbook Pro

  • Canon 60D HDSLR

  • Ibanez RG570 Guitar

  • Insta360 Camera

  • Rode NTK Mic

  • Motif ES6 Keyboard

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