A Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game

 that aims to start a conversation. Our game design highlights that mosquitoes are the most fatal animal in the world (killing almost a million people per year) and educates players on prevention methods that can save lives. In the game, you are either a junior NJ mosquito controller whose job is to employ mosquito prevention measures and keep the citizens of New Jersey safe. Or you are a mosquito, hungry for human blood.

Awards & Game Jams


Global Game Jam 2021

Farm Fighter

Winner of Best Multiplayer Game. "Couch Crew Award".


XR Brain Jam 2019

Mosquitos vs Humans VR

Winner of Product Potential.


UnityNYC XR Jam 2019

AR Dollar fights

Winner of Most Ridiculous Game.

Global Game Jam 2019

Home is a Good Book

Winner of best use of Microsoft Azure tech. 


NYC Developer Week 2019 

Pink Poncho Picture Swipe

Top 5 finalist. 

My Projects


Arcade Graveyard VR

Original Game coming soon to Oculus Rift and Quest 

Memory Boo

Original Game released for iOS and Android Worldwide 

Luge & Boo Tag Team

Original Game released for iOS and Android Worldwide  

Space Dude

Original game for a school Project Released on Itch.io 

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