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Snap Lens Studio 

AR Creator Residency Proposal


I plan to make an educational Snap Lens to teach basic music notation. Each time the player opens his/her mouth, a 3D graphic of a music note floats out while the audio sound of that note plays (piano, guitar, or other instrument) and the name of the note (A, B, C#, etc.) appears near the top of the screen. The floating music note rises and attaches to the correct place on a music staff above the player’s head, which scrolls as the song is played. Each different note has a different bright color. I will use a familiar melody in the public domain (classical or folk tune). A victory animation will appear at the end of the song. With practice, the player can “play” the song in the correct rhythm while learning basic music notation and naming. The Lens Studio features I would use in this project include 2D and 3D objects, Material Editor, Trigger Animation, and Face Mesh. A possible companion project would be a similar educational Lens that uses the new 2D Full Body Tracking feature to allow the player to “conduct” the music with her/his hand and arm, rather than “sing.”

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